2016 Competition Calendar
  • February 6 & 7: Ice Racing
  • April 23: Spring Run Off Rally - Newcastle
  • April 24: Cobweb Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • May 28: Watch Winder Rally - Peterborough
  • May 29: Watch Winder Solo - Douro
  • June 12: Speed Weekend Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • July 24: Mid Summer Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • July 9/August 13: GCFR (OPRC)
  • August 14: Dog Days Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • September 10 - Fall Ball Rally - Peterborough
  • September 11 - Fall Ball Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • October 16: Last Chance Solo - Kawartha Downs
  • November 12: President’s Prize Rally

PMSC has a fairly active Solo 2 program. We run six or seven events per year in the Peterborough area. In addition to club level events, there is a Regional Level championship.

Solo 2 events are generally run on large parking lots around courses laid out using pylons. Speeds are relatively low, with most cars using only first and second gears. The emphasis is on driving skill and car handling rather than large amounts of power. Cars are classed based on their capabilities and compete with cars that have similar characteristics. This makes it an ideal way to get into racing using a daily driver.

What you need

  • • Car - unmodified cars are best to start with as practically all changes made to a car put it into a higher class.
  • • Helmet - for your first few events, the club has loaner helmets available.

Read Kate Hughes’ Solo 2 Novice Handbook to “help you through your first season”


PMSC hosts two Navigation Rallies per year. These are Regional (ORRC) events an attract competitors from all over southern Ontario.

A Navigational Rally usually consists of a set of instructions with speeds and distances given. The idea is simple - follow the instructions and reach the end of the event. Along the way, there will be checkpoints. The goal of the checkpoints is to determine if you're in the right place at the right time. Not too early, not too late. The trick is the checkpoints are not identified in the instructions, so the only way to be there at the right time is to follow the speeds given in the instructions closely.

What you need

  • • Team - Consists of two people, a driver and a navigator.
  • • Car - street cars are fine, you'll probably want extra lights for night time events.
  • • Other items - clipboard, paper, pens, calculator.

If you are new to Navigational Rally, try reading our RallySchool Handbook